What is is a castle defense .io game that has different and special features. You have a specific area and fortress center to defend against enemies’ attacks. Your area is protected by until you have a sufficient castle. If other players attack many times to your castle center, you will lose the game. Therefore, you need to build walls, turrets, buildings, barracks. After building the construction and producing the tank, you can improve their levels with power score. Simply, you can observe your power score in the bottom left corner. When you do not have enough power score, you can sell unnecessary buildings to earn a power score.

We will talk about the components of your castle in detail. Walls reduce the attacks of enemy tanks. Also, buildings gain some advantages to your castle according to their characteristics such as a generator. Turrets destroy enemy tanks by shooting when they attack to your base. However, there are a number of limits to build buildings, turrets, and tanks. Barracks produce tanks that provide attacking power and help protection of your castle. The genus of the tanks varies depending on the production. The leaderboard demonstrates the best 10 players in the game according to the order of points.

The main controller is the mouse that has two tasks. Right-click commands to set the direction of vehicles. Left-click commands selecting vehicles, buildings and other options. In addition, you need to use arrow keys to see the location and situation of the enemies. As a result, you should definitely play if you like to play the strategy .io games. People think to destroy enemies firstly but the best attack is a strong defense as you know!