battleboats io is the io game of 10 vs. 10 that is an action game. In this game, a couple of teams take part in speedy sea combats. You are going to faultlessly leap into any game and be a part of “Team Red” or “Team Blue”. Read on to know a bit more about this .io game that has taken the world by storm.

Game Play Of

At present this game has a couple of modes, namely, HQ destruction and team deathmatch. In the former, the objective is the destruction of the foe HQ by the moving of the individual big sea mine in the direction of the foe base. For realizing this target, destroying ships by making use of your individual canons or torpedoes isn’t enough. You also require collecting a diverse form of chest floating on top of the surface. In the next, the objective is to annihilate additional foe ships within a stipulated time span compared to the opposing side.

Collecting Of Crates And Controls crates that you require amassing are:

  • XP crates: Amass them for upgrading your ship. The greater your vessel develops the greater the damage it creates and the greater it can withstand.
  • Mine crates: These gleam in your team’s color and move your individual mine in the direction of the foe HQ.
  • Ammunition crates: All canon shots are going to cost you a single unit of ammo. Amass ammunition crates for reloading of your tubes and cannons.
  • Repair crates: The ship of yours is going to be abolished in the event of the HP yours reaching 0. Amass repair crates for repairing your vessel.

You maneuver the battle boat of yours by making use of your mouse or by making use of WASD buttons of the keyboard. For activating the special weapon that you have you can make a click of the button at the right side of the base of the display or make a press of Space Bar.